Author, speculative fiction

A Compound Investigation

Book Cover: A Compound Investigation
Pages: 252
ISBN: 1719842078
Size: 13.30 x 20.30 cm
Pages: 250

A Cold War Mystery...

Jack Bradstone is found wandering close to the place where he spent his childhood. Penniless.

He is told that he was once a fast-track detective with a promising career path. Then the war happened, but not for Jack. He remembers nothing of World War Two. There are others that know more about Jack than he does himself. He must put his life back together and discover how to survive those that circle him.

Set in the early 1950s - WW2 is over and rationing has been eased. People are looking to a brighter future. But now a Cold War spreads its icy tendrils across the face of Europe. A wealthy benefactor comes to Jack’s rescue just when his world is falling apart. Jack finds that his talents are in demand once again, but just what are these talents, and why is he being drawn into a world of deceit and espionage?

Jack must decide who to trust, as he struggles to recover his memories and thereby control his own destiny, before it is too late.


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